Using JdbcTemplate with Spring Boot

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Introduction Spring Boot provides support to typical JDBC operations via jdbcTemplate. With JDBC templates, you can perform complex database operations which are not possible through JPA. Starter Dependencies JDBC templates feature is part of Spring JDBC module. This means that either JPA starter or JDBC starter will bring this support. As we don’t need JPA … View This post

Derby Embedded Database for Spring Boot

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In this post, We will see how we can use Apache Derby embedded database with Spring Boot applications with an example. Introduction Apache Derby is a pure java implementation of a relational database. Also, it complies to JDBC and RDBMS standards. For this reason, we can easily embed Derby into applications. Derby Dependencies To include … View This post

Drools integration for Spring Boot with Example

Lets learn how to integrate Drools with Spring Boot application for business rules management with an Example. Drools is a Business Rule Engine that is based on Java Rules API. It lets you create complex applications where the business logic changes a lot post development. Introduction For example, you may run a shopping website that … View This post

Spring Boot Interview Questions 2021

Let’s go through some of the important spring Boot interview questions for beginners. We gathered these questions from some of the top MNCs across the globe. What is Spring Boot? Spring Boot is an opinionated view of the Spring ecosystem and third-party libraries to kickstart an application development with ease. Spring Boot makes this possible … View This post