RESTful JPA Repositories with Spring Boot

In this post we will see how to create restful endpoints from JPA Repositories in a Spring Boot application. Introduction In the HATEOAS implementation tutorial, we pretty much save and retrieve data from the database. But there is too much boilerplate code for just managing the data(Controller methods). In situations like these, Spring Data REST comes … View This post

Response codes for RESTful Services

In our previous installment, We have made sure our application follow hyper-media format called HAL. However, At most of the controller methods we have been throwing RuntimeException. These by design would cause 500 Error codes. But REST principles dictates that proper message or indication must be given back to client when possible. For example if a … View This post

RESTFul Web Services with Spring Boot

To understand RESTful API or RESTful web services, You first need to understand what an API is. API(Application Programming Interface) is a software/application/library/mechanism that helps one program to communicate with another. The most widely used API types are web-APIs or web-services. In this type, a client sends a HTTP request, and the server sends back … View This post

Content negotiation with Spring Boot

In this post we will see how to implement content negotiation in a Spring Boot application. Introduction You may have written RESTful API endpoints where the client sends JSON request and the server sends back a JSON response. However, What would you do if the client can only understand XML? Obviously, You need to write extra logic for XML representation of … View This post