Generate PDF files with Spring Boot

In this post, we will discuss on how to generate PDF files using Spring Boot, thymeleaf and Itext PDF. Understanding Itext PDF The library helps generate PDF files by either creating each element manually or by converting a HTML+CSS into PDF. The methods provided by this library is straightforward. Let’s see both of these methods … View This post

Content negotiation with Spring Boot

In this post we will see how to implement content negotiation in a Spring Boot application. Introduction You may have written RESTful API endpoints where the client sends JSON request and the server sends back a JSON response. However, What would you do if the client can only understand XML? Obviously, You need to write extra logic for XML representation of … View This post

Send firebase push notifications in Spring Boot.

Mobile notifications play a major role in user engagement. With the firebase’s new SDK for java, sending Firebase push notification from a Spring Boot application got a lot easier. Usually, FCM notifications were done via a rest call to with a JSON request. Even though this method seems simple to connect to Firebase Cloud Messaging also … View This post