Spring Boot Custom Health Indicators

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In this post, We will learn about writing Custom Health Check indicators for Spring Boot Applications. Spring Boot out of the box health-checks are good. But in the real world it is often the case that one application relies on other application’s availability for performing operations. In this case it would be helpful to add … View This post

Spring Boot Health Endpoint

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In this post, We will learn about Health check indicators of Spring Boot. Spring boot makes health checks easier for us by providing opinionated /actuator/health endpoint. Spring Boot Health actuator The HealthEndpoint of spring-boot-starter-actuator module collects Health information for any beans that are defined as HealthIndicator. For a simple web application, there are two HealthIndicator beans Auto-Configured by default. And they are for Ping health check and … View This post

Spring Boot Structure and Convention

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In this post, we will learn each part of Spring Boot project Structure and its conventions. Spring Boot is an opinionated view of how a Spring based application should be implemented. Given that a lot of these opinions are on how Spring features should be used, Spring boot also emphasises on the structure of the … View This post

Spring Boot Linux Service Guide

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Let’s learn how to install a spring boot as a linux service. Requirements You will need, Basics of running a spring boot application Understanding linux services and file system. 15 minutes of your time. Make the jar an executable Spring boot applications can be started using the command java -jar hello-world.jar. We have seen this behaviour in the posts How … View This post

How to convert Spring Boot JAR to WAR?

In this post, We will learn about converting Spring Boot JAR to WAR file. We know that Spring Boot produces a fat JAR. That helps You to start the app by running java -jar <your jar file>. We can deploy these JARs with ease. But at unavoidable situations, you may need a WAR file. Each application runs on a separate port. … View This post

Shell Scripts to start and Stop Spring Boot Applications.

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In this post, We will learn about start and stop shell scripts to run Spring Boot applications. Spring boot applications are easier to build and run. However, there is one small problem. Most of the developers still struggle when it comes to running, stopping and starting the application in production servers. The traditional applications were deployed … View This post

Spring Boot Starters

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Spring Boot Starters add or change behaviour of an application. Starters do this through opinionated defaults and auto-configurations. Background In a traditional web application, The developers will have to do the following stuff. Write a spring-context.xml to define the beans required. Write definitions for your database configuration. Define MVC configuration and their mappings/filters/etc. Create a web.xml to define … View This post